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  • 2016

Cloud Computing as an Alternative Solution for South African Public Sector: A Case for Department of Social Development
Simon Motlatsi – Financial and Fiscal Commission and Nkqubela Ruxwana – Tshwane University of Technology / Rocha, A et al (eds.) New Advances in Information Systems and Technologies, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 444
©Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016

Available for purchase at http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-319-31232-3_45

  • 2015

 Economywide consequences of attaining Millenium Development Goals in South Africa (246Kb)
Hélène Maisonnave - EDEHN, Universite du Havre and PEP network, Ramos Mabugu - Financial and Fiscal Commission and Margaret Chitiga - SPMA, University of Pretoria / Economics Bulletin, Volume 35, Issue 2, pages 1118-1127

  • 2013

Analysing Job Creation Effects of Scaling Up Infrastructure Spending in South Africa(450KB)
Hélène Maisonnave -  Université Laval, CIRPÉE and PEP network, Canada, Ramos Mabugu - Financial and Fiscal Commission, Margaret Chitiga - Human Science Research Council, and Véronique Robichaud - Université Laval, CIRPÉE and PEP network, Canada / Centre interuniversitaire sur le risque, les politiques économiques et l'emploi (CIRPÉE) Working Paper 13-10

  • 2012

The poverty implications of high oil prices in South Africa(338Kb)
Margaret Chitiga - Human Science Research Council, Ismael Fofana - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), and Ramos Mabugu - Financial and Fiscal Commission / Environmental and Development Economics
©Cambridge University Press 2012


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