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Annual Submission for the Division of Revenue

Annual Submission: List

“Improving service delivery and inclusivity in an environment of expenditure moderation”

"Addressing socio-economic vulnerabilities through fiscal transparency and strategy"

"The effects of COVID-19 and the changing architecture of subnational government financing in South Africa"

"Sustainable Financing of Social and Economic Infrastructure and Services"

"Repositioning Local Government Public Finances"

"Re-engineering the intergovernmental fiscal relations system for national development in a fiscally constrained environment"

"The intergovernmental Fiscal Relations System and Urban Development in South Africa"

"The Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations System and Rural Development in South Africa"

"Intergovernmental fiscal relations (IGFR) challenges associated with public infrastructure"

"Balancing fiscal sustainability with socio-economic impact"

"Fiscal Levers for National Development"

"Moving People Out of Poverty: Supporting Innovation in Intergovernmental Financing"

"Vibrant urban economies"

"Adjusting to the recession and global economic crisis"

"Issues confronting the South African intergovernmental fiscal relations system"

"Recommendations supporting government's policy-making on intergovernmental fiscal relations"

"Review of the equitable sharing mechanisms and policy instruments"

"Balancing autonomy and accountability with the effective and efficient delivery of nationally determined policy objectives"

"Reviewing the Provincial Equitable Share (PES) and the Local Government Equitable Share (LES)"

"Revenue sharing system and fiscal framework in South Africa"

"Changes in government policy priorities: social security, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and the rights of children"

"Uniformity in the local government sphere and addressing unequal access to the finance markets"

“Crosscutting issues which relate to the equitable share and affect all spheres of government"

"A Costed Norms Approached"

"The Allocation of Financial Resources to National, Provincial and Local Governments"

"Allocation of Financial Resources to the National and Provincial Governments"

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